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  • The Energy Dynamics Group (EDG) was founded in 2012 by Dixon Gourley, a United States Navy Veteran with extensive experience in business and energy​​

  • We are positioned to provide you with the knowledge to be well-informed and to deliver high-value, clean-technology solutions that are commercially available for today's challenges​​


  • Sr. Staff Consultant (Engineering & Technology)

    • Dr. Benjamin J. Cross, PhD (Ohio University)

  • Sr. Staff Consultant (Financial Analysis & Modeling)

    • Mr. David Kefford, MBA (Penn State)

  • Sr. Staff Consultant (Funding Partner)​

    • Mr. Charlie Glynn, BA (Arizona State)​

  • Certifications:

    • sUAS Level I (Teledyne/FLIR ITC)​

    • IR Level II (Teledyne/FLIR ITC)

    • Sustainable Energy (MITx)

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